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Since 1900, C.W. Mackie Group has been involved in export of natural rubber, coconut products and Sri Lankan spices.

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The natural rubber grades exported by us are used in the pharmaceutical industry, adhesive industry, marine paints industry, automobile industry and also in the manufacture of household goods.



Quality desiccated coconut, other coconut products and spices are processed for export by the produce division



The spices exported by us are cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, cashew, nutmeg, mace, black pepper, dry lemon, sesame seeds and arecanuts.



Strives to enrich your lifestyle via innovative, trusted and exceptional products that offer greater satisfaction in everyday use.

Scan Products Division of C. W. Mackie is engaged in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distribution of branded FMCG products specializing in the food and beverage category which includes well known local and international brands.


Importer and Supplier of high quality fine granulated refined white sugar

C.W. Mackie PLC is very well known for its experience as an importer and supplier of high quality fine granulated refined white sugar. This Division provides outsourcing services to the Industrial customers. The Sugar Division has a centrally located warehouse with infrastructure.

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We provide sugar for industrial users such as Bottlers, Bakers, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals.

Some of our Prestigious Customers

"CBL, OLE, Fonterra Sri Lanka, Milgro, Unilever Sri Lanka, Coca-Cola, SCAN Products, KVC, Creasy Foods."

Marine Paints

HEMPEL " Global Supplier of Marine Paint related solutions "

C.W. Mackie has been in the business of HEMPEL Marine Paints since 1982 and from 2008 it has become the sole distributor of this product in both Sri Lanka and Maldives. Currently we are holding an average stock around 50,000 ltrs of various types of Hempel paints at a bonded warehouse and 10,000 ltrs at our warehouse in Mattakkuliya.
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  • Marine Segment
  • Protective Coating Segment
  • Container Coatings Segment
  • Galvanized Surfaces Painting Segment
  • Technical Services

Industrial Products

The range of products keep growing with many international brands.

Industrial Products Division engages in import and sale of welding equipment and consumables and light engineering products, refrigeration and air-conditioning components and marine paints and protective coatings and manages several agencies for world renowned brands such as Hempel marine paints, Eutectic, Chosun, Danfoss and Migatronics, one of the major supporting factors to the varied industries of Sri Lanka. The range of products keep growing with many international brand names being added.
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Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Engages in import, sale/distribution and services of world renowned brands of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, components, accessories and refrigerant gases.
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C. W. Mackie group engages in FMCG and rubber product manufacture in Sri Lanka.

Under the FMCG sector, C. W. Mackie manufactures Sunquick while its subsidiary Kelani Valley Canneries Ltd. (KVC) processors tropical fruits and vegetables, thereby manufacturing final food products suitable for consumption.

C. W. Mackie is also involved in the rubber sector through the manufacture, sale and export of TSR, Sole Crepe and Moulded Rubber Products, which are managed through two subsidiaries - Ceymac Rubber Company Limited and Ceytra (Private) Limited.
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