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Ceymac Rubber Company Limited and Ceytra (Private) Limited are subsidiaries of C. W. Mackie PLC and belong to the Commodity Trading Cluster of the Group. They engage in manufacturing and exporting primary and specialty rubber products and value-added rubber products for the local and international markets. These products meet the rubber requirements of many Industries which include pharmaceuticals, shoes, solid tyres, construction, transport and agriculture.

Ceymac Rubber Company Limited (Ceymac)

Ceymac is a leading manufacturer, exporter and local seller of technically specified rubber (TSR), plantation sole crepe and specialty rubber products in Sri Lanka for the tyre, pharmaceutical, automobile, adhesive, shoe, mining and woodwork industries. The Company’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in a prime rubber plantation area in the Kalutara district, which provides it with a competitive advantage for collecting latex and producing natural rubber products that conform to the highest international quality standards.

Effluent Treatment

Ceymac deals with effluents in a responsible manner. Its effluent treatment plant is certified with an environment protection license granted by the Central Environment Authority (CEA). This license is renewed annually following careful inspection by the CEA of the Company’s effluent treatment process.

Ceytra (Private) Limited (Ceytra)

Ceytra is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of high quality value added natural and synthetic moulded rubber products for the agricultural, automobile and shipping industries to meet specific customer needs. For the local market, a range of rubber carpets and mats are manufactured for a leading supermarket chain. Ceytra also has the expertise to design, develop and manufacture a range of rubber products out of natural or synthetic rubber according to engineering drawings and specifications provided by customers

Product Portfolio

Rubber Based Products Manufacturing

Sole Crepe Rubber Sheets

For the use of various types of shoes in footwear industry.

Surface Texture types available - Smooth, Shallow pebbly, Deep pebbly & Ribbed...

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Technically specified Rubber (TSR)

TSR-20: In terms of quantities produced, this is a very important grade of technically specified natural rubber. It is produced mostly from field coagulum. It is packed as polythene wrapped...

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Natural Rubber Blocks (Belt/Stick cleaners)

Natural rubber Blocks and cleaning sticks are mainly used in mining and woodwork industries...

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Zinc Oxide Dusted Crepes

Zinc Oxide dusted crepe is mainly used in adhesive manufacturing industry for manufacture of baby bottle nipples, rubber bandages and similar pharmaceutical rubber products...

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Granulated Rubber

Granulated rubber using thickness controlled sole crepe sheets which granules have high surface area that facilitates faster mixing cycles...

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Bumpers (Block, Cylindrical, Fender types)

For shock absorbing properties, vibration isolation and damping properties on trucks, container trailers, machinery, unloading ramps, dockyards, shipyards, container yards etc...

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Caster wheels, Small tyres & Grommets

We manufacture caster wheels grommets and small tyres of different sizes. Our wheel and tyre products are of export quality and are available for distribution in ...

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We hold export quality rubber straps with metal hook of varying sizes in length, width and thickness, made exclusive in Sri Lanka at our factories.

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Moulded Bends & Hose sections

These products are manufactured using EPDM or NR Rubber compounds depending on the application and according to buyers’ specification. Moulded Bends are available under different diameters and

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NBR & EPDM Sealing Rings & Gaskets

NBR or EPDM Sealing Rings are available for use in heat chambers, industrial machineries, etc..

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Other Specialty items

  • Rubber to metal bonded parts for construction industry.
  • Long lasting Pads for Wind mills, Machines installation pads, etc...

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Carpets / Mats

Different sized, textured carpets for industrial, home and automobile applications.

Sector, packaging and automobile industry, dockyards, pharmaceutical industry and others...

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