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Sugar trading is a segment under the Commodity Trading Cluster of C. W. Mackie PLC and engages in importing and distributing high quality refined white sugar. The segment’s main focus is on business-to-business (B2B) in the food and beverage, carbonated drinks, dairy and bakery industries. It supplies packeted refined white sugar to the catering and restaurant sector and caster sugar for industrial use.

Import Categories

Three categories of sugar-refined, semi-refined and super-refined are imported from Thailand, India and Dubai. These grades are supplied to industry players in the local beverage, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors at very competitive rates.

Quality Standards

All sugar imported conforms to the stringent international standards of quality applicable to the sugar manufacturing industries and is free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as confirmed by the Non-GMO Certificate of Analysis.

Future Strategies

The sugar trading segment will continue to anticipate market dynamics and concentrate on its new and established B2B customers in different industries including handling operation.

Product Portfolio

Sugar Trading

Super Refined Sugar

This is mainly used by carbonated drinks and pharmaceutical product manufactures

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Refined Sugar

This is pure crystal white sugar which is used by confectioneries such as biscuits, chocolate etc.

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Semi Refined / Non Refined Sugar

This is for the day to day usage of general public.

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