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Scan Bottles Drinking Water

The Scan water bottling plant has been awarded ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems certification by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution. This certification recognizes the plant’s initiatives in identifying, managing, and mitigating the environmental impact of its operations in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

In a further initiative to improve its environmental performance by utilizing resources efficiently and reducing waste, the Company embarked on a sustainability project for collecting plastic bottles that would otherwise pollute the environment. Bins are positioned in strategic locations to collect these plastic bottles, which are then recycled by a business partner to produce yarn for local and export.

Another initiative introduced this year is the use of re-fillable glass water bottles, which supplies the market with a more sustainable glass bottle as a Company strategy. This move has been applauded by the HORECA sector which focuses on areas like sustainable tourism.

Delish Manufacturing and Processing Plant

Delish branded bakery products have been a favorite with consumers since their launch in 2017. The product range includes jelly crystals (strawberry, orange, apple and blackcurrant flavors), gelatin, corn flour, sugar, cocoa powder and caster sugar. Delish products cater to the mass market as well as the bakery and food service sector due to its high-quality product range.

The bakery products are processed at a fully automated state of the art manufacturing facility located in the Industrial Estate, Horana which follows stringent quality controls and standards.

The recipes followed in the production process are internationally accepted and contain ingredients of the highest quality. In recognition of this quality, Delish jelly crystals have been awarded the SLS 885:1990 standard.

Kelani Vally Canneries (KVC) Limited

Kelani Valley Canneries Limited (KVC), a member of C. W. Mackie PLC Group. is a manufacturer of processed fruit & vegetable products. The Company was established in 1968. At the initial stages, KVC products were mainly targeted to cater to the export market. Later the range was introduced to the domestic market as well. KVC client tail span the globe from North America and Western Europe to the Far East. The above export market and the strong commitment to produce superior quality products, has won KVC the prestigious Presidential Export award and Merit Awards over the years.

KVC focuses on quality of its products as an indispensable part of the company’s work ethics that is maintained at every level of the process. Starting from the procurement of fresh fruits and vegetables to the processed product, stringent quality tests are conducted. To assure the quality processed products, latest testing equipment are incorporated.

Equipped to offer both thermally sterilized and frozen products ranging from Sauces, Jams, Cordials, Nectars, Chutneys, Treacle, Fruit Juices, Fruit Pulp, Canned fruits & vegetables to Pickles, Pastes, Sambols & Vinegar are invaluable to homes, catering and the hospitality industry.

KVC is now a household name which received the Sri Lanka Standards Certification in 2002. Our sweet and savoury fruit and vegetable product range has awarded the ISO 22000:2018, HACCP and GMP Certification have now made its mark in both local and the international arena and are widely available in Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, Japan, and the Middle East.

Scan Products Division, the strong distribution arm of the C. W. Mackie PLC Group spearheading the thrust in taking KVC products to consumers throughout the Island with the new highways and easy access to the North, has established an island wide network of retailers.

Scan Snak Manufacturing Plant

Scan Snacks is the latest addition to Scan Family. The Range includes variety of snacks namely “Buddy Peanuts”, “Mixture Bite”, “Fried Dhal” and “Casava Chips”.

These products are manufactured at Scan Snacks Manufacturing plant at Horana. All Raw Materials are sourced locally and certifying highest quality to ensure Freshness, Taste and Delicacy of the products.

Our R & D team is committed and continuously working to introduce array of snacks under Scan brand into the future. Explore the Exciting Range of Snacks by scan products, the finest Snack Manufacturer in Sri Lanka.