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CSR & Sustainability

As a manufacturing company that utilises several agriculture and agro-based raw materials in our processes, we place heavy reliance on natural capital. So, it is in our interests to preserve nature by managing it effectively, because it is our passport to business continuity. This means mitigating the adverse effects of our production processes on the environment. Also, using sustainable practices in every area of business, we realise that we are able to attract and retain high calibre employees as well as responsible shareholders. These many is gives us added impetus to nurture our environment.

We have introduced a culture of environment protection and pollution prevention throughout the Group and follow a green manufacturing programme in our factories. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are keenly aware of the important role played by natural capital and have taken a number of measures to ensure that the effluents from the manufacturing processes in our factories cause the least harm to the environment and that our factories comply with all regulations stipulated by local authorities.

We periodically monitor and review manufacturing processes to ensure that they have no adverse effects on the environment or on the people living in their vicinities. We realise that introducing green initiatives benefits the Company as a whole as well, because we improve the overall efficiency of the business. By reducing energy consumption, using raw materials more efficiently, we cut costs and improve efficiency while minimizing waste and preventing pollution.


Waste Management

Waste material produced in the office is dealt with using a sustainable materials strategy that focuses on increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials and reducing or eliminating unsafe or excess materials through removal by licensed suppliers.


National Green Reporting System

As a further measure to reduce its carbon and water foot print the Company has volunteered for Green Reporting and registered for the National Green Reporting System of the Ministry of Environment. The Company now communicates on a regular basis on its sustainable initiatives and performance in compliance with the Company’s environmental policy. The system considers optimum resource utilization, recycling waste internally and externally as a community, as well as energy conservation methods implemented for operational purposes.


Compliance With Environmental Regulations

To date, no incidents have been reported of non-compliance with regulations related to the health and safety impacts of our operations or the disposal of waste.

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