C.W. Mackie PLC – Scan Products Division Launches ‘Recycle For Future Generation’ Initiative Under EPR

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Corporates and the private sector play a main part in plastic waste generation and the ensuing environmental, marine, and social damage. With this in mind, more and more global and local corporates are adopting the extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy that holds producers accountable for the collection and recycling of plastic volumes they produce and release to the market.

One such entity adopting the EPR policy is the Scan Products Division of C.W. Mackie PLC, the diversified conglomerate engaged in areas ranging across exports and imports, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of reputed brands across the nation. The company launched its “Recycle for Future Generation” EPR initiative that will focus on collecting and recycling empty PET bottles in partnership with Sri Lanka’s leading plastic recycler, Eco Spindles (Pvt) Ltd.

Sharing his thoughts, C.W. Mackie Group Executive Director Mr. Mangala Perera stated: “Recycling and upcycling today is a global challenge that affects all living beings. With the many changes that have taken shape during the last few years alone, our partnership with Eco Spindles come as a need of the hour – to be responsible for and intentional of our surroundings. We as a company are extremely pleased and humbled by this initiative, and we pledge our commitment to expand these efforts into all parts of our operations in the years to come.”

Speaking on the range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and their sense of duty to their stakeholders, Mr. Perera further said: “It is clear that we place increased importance on sustainability. Having completed CSR projects inclusive of garbage management projects, dengue prevention programmes, and uplifting public health, it is clear that we wish to continue pursuing our contributions to a greener future. By working together, we will be able to minimize the overall negative impacts on the environment.

“Understanding the depth of the effects and our role to play as a corporate entity, we adopted the EPR policy with our Drinking Water bottles. We believe that this will also encourage our customers to contribute towards such efforts, resulting in a single collaborative effort by everyone.”

By launching this initiative, the company is one step closer to achieving a greener future for their stakeholders, reducing its carbon footprint and water footprint.

The company has also voluntarily engaged in Green Reporting and registered for the National Green Reporting System in accordance with the Ministry of Environment, thus effectively communicating information on their sustainability performances, in compliance with the company’s environmental policy.

The water bottling plant of SCAN Products Division was recently awarded with the ISO 14001:2015 – EMS certification by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). The SCAN Water Bottling Plant also helps to improve the environmental performance through the efficient use of resources, reduction of waste, and introduction of glass water bottles, gaining a competitive advantage as well as the reputation of stakeholders.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Biodiversity Sri Lanka, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), together with the support of the Ministry of Environment, recently proposed a “Collect-Back” model with the objective of providing a strategic waste management plan for the private sector.