Apple Pudding

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Apple Pudding

How to make


  • Sunquick apple – 3 tbsp
  • Red Apple – 1
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp
  • Sago ( sau ata) – 3 tbsp
  • Milk – 250ml
  • Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt – To tast


  1. To a nonstick pan add cut apples, sugar, water, cinnamon powder, salt and Sunquick
  2. Bring that to boil and mix it well to cook apple evenly
  3. Put that a side
  4. In to another pan add sago seed half of the milk and sugar
  5. When milk desolve add the other half of the milk. cook it until become thick paste
  6. In to a glass bowl add layer or cooked apple mix. then add sago mix on top of it
  7. Finally add another apple layer and let it cool for 30 minute and put in to the fridge about 2 hours and serve